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"Kamameshi (釜飯)" is a Japanese rice dish consisting of rice, vegetables (root veggies like carrots and burdock, mushrooms), chicken, fish, clam cooked with dashi broth, soy sauce, and mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine). As shown in the pics, each rice pot is serving for one, and carefully prepared🔥 It's a comfort food for Japanese😋🔥🔥🔥 Instead of eating directly out from the pot, you use a rice scoop and serve it to your own bowl🍚🤤 Scooping your very own rice...this might be a unique Japan experience😊✨

You can experience this at "Seigetsudo (清月堂)" which is a restaurant run by a Japanese confectionery shop "Seigetsudo" born in 1907 in Ginza🍡🍵 Other than kamameshi, you can also enjoy Japanese sweets including Anmitsu (jelly dessert) using matcha and sweet bean soup😍 Their popular gomoku kamameshi and eel kamameshi are especially recommendable! It might be fun ordering different kinds with friends and family and sharing them✨👍

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🥢Gomoku Kamameshi: 1,980 yen
"Gomoku (五目)" means to combine various ingredients with different tastes and colors. On top of this kamameshi is plenty of vegetables and seafood. Each pot is carefully cooked with flying fish dashi broth. Enjoy it freshly made, hot!

[Menu Includes] Kamameshi (shrimp, chicken, lotus root, shiitake mushrooms, simmered scallop, egg strips, kidney beans), salad, 2 kinds of Japanese side dish, mini-size mitsumame (jelly dessert)

🥢Eel Kamameshi: 2,200 yen
Kamameshi topped with soft and tender grilled eel. The savory rice is cooked in flying fish broth.

[Menu Includes] Kamameshi (eel, egg strips, kidney beans), salad, 2 kinds of Japanese side dish, mini-size mitsumame (jelly dessert)

🥢Udon with Duck Meat: 1,320 yen
Their carefully prepared duck stock is filled with flavor. Fatty, flavorful duck meat matches well with fragrant green onions! Fu (wheat gluten) resembling maple adds nice color to the dish🍁

[Menu Includes] Udon with duck meat (udon noodles, duck meat, green onions, fu), mini-size mitsumame (jelly dessert)

🥢Inaka Shiruko: 858 yen
"Inaka Shiruko (田舎しるこ)" is sweet red bean soup with baked rice cake. Seigetudo's red bean soup uses red beans from Hokkaido, which are known for its soft texture. The gentle sweetness will spread inside your mouth. Salted kelp shown in the bottom right of the photo is essential to enjoy this dessert! The salty flavor not only enhances the sweetness but also refresh your mouth from sweet flavor👍

📍Ginza Seigetsudo (8F Restaurants)

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