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If you love Japanese tea, don't miss out Tokoname teapots. Tokoname ware (常滑焼) is Japanese pottery produced in Tokoname City and the surrounding region of Aichi Prefecture. It's one of the "Six Ancient Kilns of Japan" which were certified as Japan Heritage in 2017😊🗾

👇Why Tokoname Teapots are Recommendable👇
🍵It's said that tea prepared with Tokoname teapot tastes mellow. This is because iron oxide contained in the teapot's clay reacts with tannin in the tea and helps remove bitterness👍

🍵The lid fits perfectly to the body without any gap! This helps the tea leaves brew well👍

🍵It's a traditional craft that can be used on a daily basis👍

Preparing tea in your favorite teapot and savoring it...a simple daily routine but definitely relaxing😉

<YAMAFUSA>Teapot (360ml): 3,850 yen

<GYOKKO>Teapot (140ml): 7,480 yen

<SHUNJU>Teapot (200ml): 5,280 yen

<GYOKKO>Teapot (140ml): 5,500 yen

<SHUNJU>Teapot (410ml): 5,940 yen

<KOFU>Teapot (330ml): 6,050 yen

<ISSIN>Teapot (270ml): 3,300 yen

<SHOHO>Teapot (210ml): 10,120 yen

<YUTAKA>Teapot (320ml): 7,480 yen

<SHUNJU>Teapot (200ml): 5,280 yen

📍Tableware Corner (6F)

*Please note some teapots are one-off items. All are available while supplies last.

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