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Keio Shinjuku Department Store
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A matcha bowl is an essential utensil in Japanese tea ceremony. Its shape makes it easier to whisk matcha and its material helps control heat. And most of all, a matcha bowl plays a great role in expressing Japanese 4 seasons not only by itself but together with seasonal dessert, hanging scroll, flower, and the nature outside the tea room.

These beautiful matcha bowls are available at Keio's Arts Corner on the 6th Floor. Do you notice that some bowls are expressing Japanese summer? Even if you're not attending the tea ceremony, you can feel Japanese season!

Matcha bowls can be used to simply enjoy matcha, but can also be used for drinking coffee and cafe au lait. Quite useful!

📍Keio Department Store 6F Arts Corner
*Please note some matcha bowls in the photos are one-off items or seasonal and available while supplies last.

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