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𝐴𝑛𝑝𝑎𝑛” (あんぱん) is a Japanese sweet bun filled with sweet bean paste. It combines the 2 words “𝑎𝑛” (あん/sweet bean paste) and “𝑝𝑎𝑛” (ぱん/bread). It’s a simple, old-fashion type of bread that makes Japanese feel a bit nostalgic😌 Definitely one of the all-time favorites in Japan🗾

Today’s anpan is from KINOKUNIYA supermarket. It’s an assortment of 3 different anpan: Sakura, Yomogi (Japanese mugwort), and Ogura azuki. Sakura and yomogi are representative spring flavors in Japan🌸 Sakadane (sake yeast) is used in their anpan, adding a mellow flavor and soft texture😋😋👍

Sakura: Sweet paste with chopped sakura leaves. The pickled sakura petal on top brings out the subtle sweetness of the bun and sweet paste.

Yomogi: Deep green paste with clean, refreshing flavor.

Ogura Azuki: Smooth red bean paste with mild sweet flavor. This is the standard filling for anpan.

🌸Spring Anpan Set: 346 yen
*Available until MAY 31 (TUE).
📍KINOKUNIYA (Basement 1)

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