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For everyone who loves Japanese manga and anime! Look at these awesome fascinating T-shirts!

The characters you saw on TV during your childhood have been revived as "Culture T-shirts." How about wearing these lively works by the masters of 70's Japanese cartoons?

Sewn in Nagasaki and printed in Kyoto, these high-quality JAPAN MADE T-shirts can be worn for a long time to come.

Available from FEB 8 (THU) to FEB 21 (WED) at Men's Business Corner on the 5th floor.

Long-sleeve Shirt: 9,900 yen

【Science Ninja Team Gatchaman】8,800 yen

【The Genie Family】8,800 yen

【BLACK JACK】8,800 yen

【Phoenix】8,800 yen

【Yatterman】8,800 yen

【Rascal the Raccoon】8,800 yen

【Jungle Emperor Leo】8,800 yen

If you have friends and family who love Japanese subculture, let them know too!

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