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When speaking of souvenir from Japan, we can't forget furoshiki (風呂敷) or traditional wrapping cloth♥ These eye-catching, playful, dimensional wrapping cloths designed by Asayama Misato (浅山美里) are available at Keio's Arts Corner on the 6h Floor.

Wrapping cloths are not only enjoyable as art pieces, but are also useful as bags and gift wrappings. I personally use them to wrap clothes when packing for trips. How about surprising your family and friends back home by wrapping your souvenir in these colorful wrapping cloths?

Mt. Fuji (50cm×50cm): 770 yen
A wrapping cloth depicting various sceneries of Mt. Fuji. A surfer is riding on Hokusai's wave, cherry blossoms are blooming during springtime, and red and yellow leaves can be seen during autumn.

Mt. Fuji (50cm×50cm): 770 yen
Aquarium (75cm×75cm): 1,980 yen

Contemporary Tokyo (97cm×97cm): 2,750 yen
A wrapping cloth designed with Tokyo's tourist attractions! A perfect Tokyo souvenir! The yellow one represents daytime Tokyo while the blue one Tokyo night.

Tokyo in the 60s (97cm×97cm): 2,750 yen
A wrapping cloth depicting the good old days of Tokyo when there were still streetcars running and advertising balloons floating from buildings.

Marriage Party (75cm×75cm)
Birthday Party (75cm×75cm)
1,980 yen each

Wrap a box with this and a party will appear♬

Cake (50×50cm)
Candies (50cm×50cm)
770 yen each

A wrapping cloth that turns into Japanese short cake (fluffy sponge cake with whipped cream and strawberries). The other one looks as though you have a bagful of sweet candies♥

Zoo (75cm×75cm)
Amusement Park (75cm×75cm)
1,980 yen each

Wrap up a box and you will feel like walking through a zoo and an amusement park♪♬

📍Keio Department Store 6F Arts Corner

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