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Enjoy autumn nights w/Herbarium LED Light♪

It's always nice to have some green and flowers around you. Herbarium has been popular in Japan for the past few years. This herbarium from BOTANICA can be used in 2 ways: a room fragrance and a light. When you turn on the LED light switch at the bottom of the glass, the heat from the light warms up the wax gel, letting the fragrance to rise. Because it's LED light instead of a candle, it's safe to use at homes with pets and small children.

Available in 4 different scents!

◇Prim Flowers: Sweet scent of flowers & botanical greens
◆Bright Orange: Sweet scent of candies & refreshing citrus
◇Clarity Shell: Refreshing scent like summer beach
◆Knitted Herbs: Pleasant scent of herbs

Comes in a classy package, perfect for a small gift.

♡Herbarium Gel Light: 2,970 yen
◇Bath & Toiletry Corner [BOTANICA] (6F)

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