May is Shincha Season!!

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Shincha (新茶/new tea) is Japanese green tea made from the very first tea sprouts of the year. Currently, Japan is right in the middle of shincha season! Such an exciting, great season for Japanese tea fans!!

Here are shincha from "IPPODO TEA", a long-established tea specialty shop born in 1717. New tea sprouts grown in the mountain region of southern Kyoto are picked and processed into tea shortly before they line up at the shop. Compared to matured Japanese tea, shincha has refreshing, leafy taste.

Uji Shincha Can
(from left)
Large Can (255g): 6,480 yen
Medium Can (146g): 3,780 yen
Small Can (104g): 2,700 yen

Uji Shincha Bag
(left) 100g Bag: 2,376 yen
(right) 50g Bag: 1,188 yen

Uji Shincha One-Pot Tea Bag (7g×8 bags): 1,620 yen

Uji Shincha w/Gift Bag (50g): 1,296 yen

Uji Shincha & Sencha Set: 4,482 yen
(left) Sencha Shoike-no-o (85g can)
(right) Uji Shincha (104g can)

Uji Shincha & Gyokuro Set: 4,482 yen
(left) Uji Shincha (104g can)
(right) Gyokuro Tekiro (50g can)

Uji Shincha & Hojicha Set: 4,644 yen
(left) Gokujo Hojicha (60g paper canister)
(right) Uji Shincha (146g can)

Uji Shincha & Gyokuro Set: 5,562 yen
(left) Uji Shincha (104g can)
(right) Gyokuro Kakurei (80g can)

This time of the year reminds me of the lyrics "Summer is approaching, 88 nights" from the Japanese tea-picking song. "88 nights" is the 88th day from "Risshun (立春/beginning of spring)", which is said to be the harvest season of new tea. (By the way, this year is May 2nd!)

📍IPPODO TEA (Middle Basement Floor)

*Available while supplies last.

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