Sounds weird?! Delicious Japanese fruit sandwiches!

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Sandwich fillings don’t always have to be savory or meaty…at least in Japan! If you happen to travel to Japan in the future, you can’t miss out “Fruit Sando” (フルーツサンド / dessert sandwiches), one of the favorite snacks among Japanese.

Simply made with whipped cream and fruits, yet the balance between the fillings are very important! The whipped cream cannot be too sweet or else the fruits will be erased, and the fruits have to be in the right amount to keep the sandwich in beautiful shape.

Here are fruit sandwiches from Ginza Sembikiya, a famous fruits specialty shop in Japan. Other than strawberry, melon and peach (standard fillings), their sandwiches have apple slices and candied chestnut bits inside. Love the crispiness of the apples! The whipped cream is very light, bringing out the sweetness of the fruits♡

Includes 8 slices so you can share or savor all by yourself! Look for the turquoise green box with rose patterns!

Fruit Sandwiches: 1,296 yen per box (incl. tax)

@Middle Basement Floor: Ginza Sembikiya

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