Big Japanese citrus turns into jelly! Sentaro's Kawachi Jukushi♡

Kanto Tokyo
Keio Shinjuku Department Store
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Look! Whole Japanese citrus “Kawachi Bankan” is used to make a chilled dessert! It’s one of the representative summer sweets from Japanese confectionery shop “Sentaro.” The citrus is hollowed out to make a fruit bowl and filled jelly made from juice extracted from Kawachi Bankan. I can imagine the smooth and jiggly texture even before eating.

I tried it in 2 different ways as recommended by the shop.

First, simply chilled it well in the refrigerator and cut into quarters to make it easier to eat. Sweet yet slightly sour, and very juicy!

Second, chilled it in the freezer for more than half a day to turn it into a sorbet! I would definitely love to enjoy this way during the upcoming humid, rainy season.

This kind of dessert just makes me long for summer!

Kawachi Jukushi: 972 yen each (incl. tax)
*Available until late-AUG.
@Sentaro (Middle Basement Floor)

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