Morihachi's Kuzu Anmitsu♡

Kanto Tokyo
Keio Shinjuku Department Store
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One of my favorites, ANMITSU!
Anmitsu is classic, cold Japanese sweet consisting of sweet bean paste, jelly cubes, some fruits, and sometimes chewy mochi ball and ice cream. Sweet brown sugar syrup is poured before eating. I love trying out different anmitsu from various shops and today, I tried one from Morihachi, which its main store is located in Ishikawa Prefecture. (Very famous area for traditional Japanese confectionery!) Mildly sweet, elegant, and gentle.

Packed inside are a cup of cube jelly and fruits, individually packaged monaka wafer, sweet bean paste, and brown sugar syrup. Most anmitsu uses jelly cubes made from agar, but Morihachi’s are made from Ishikawa Prefecture’s specialty “Houdatsu kuzu” (“kuzu” is starch made from arrowroot plant and often used in Japanese sweets). They’re chewy with slightly sweet, mild flavor. The sweet bean paste is rich in flavor but not too sweet. I enjoyed it with the crispy savory wafer!

This anmitsu can be stored at room temperature, so you can bring back your friends and family the sweet taste of Japan. Don’t forget to chill well before eating!

Kuzu Anmitsu: 562 yen each (incl. tax)
@Middle Basement Floor: Morihachi

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