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Japan Shopping Now is the most attractive shopping information site in Japan!

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“Shopping Wonder Island, Japan.”

Japan has overflowing shopping contents that attract people all over the world, such as high-quality technology, traditional handicrafts that have been passed down since ancient times, regional special products and subcultures such as anime and games that have many fans in the world. This site provides the latest information and stories about Japan shopping.

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Held all over Japan! The largest shopping event in Japan, Japan Shopping Festival!

Japan Shopping Festival is Japan’s biggest shopping event for visiting foreigners, held throughout the year. With over 500 participating franchises and establishments, the festival will greet you with bountiful assortments full of personality and special promotions, events, and contests where you can win fantastic prizes.

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Shopping in Japan. Hospitality, attractive products, and encounters with people that you can experience only by actually visiting Japan. With Japan Shopping Now, it's not just shopping,we offer you a special shopping experience that you can only experience in Japan. Check Try, Choice, Purchase and Use. Meet your Japan. Shopping in Japan.