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Choosing the right pillow is the key to pleasant sleep🐑 So simple and so obvious but how many of you have actually experienced a counseling on pillows??

is a pillow shop established in 1928 (95 years old!). In the 1990s, they shifted their focus on pillows. Back then, there weren't many options in pillow even though each person had different body shape and sleeping habits😊 Today, LOFTY is known as one of Japan's leading pillow specialists

Staffs with professional qualifications will help you find a comfortable pillow for you by measuring your neck curve, consulting your sleeping forms and troubles, and having you try various pillows. Because our body shape and weight change in few years, it's important to change pillows once in a while.

9 Cell Pillow for easy turn over. The 9 units will fit comfortable to your head and neck, enabling a smooth turn.

”Sofitto" has a gentle curve on the neck. Recommended for customers with text necks which are on the increase these days.

LOFTY's body pillow is also recommendable especially if you're a side sleeper.

How about reconsidering your pillow? By the way, LOFTY pillows are machine-washable which helps a lot!

If you're worried about communication, don't worry because the shop has language tools.


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