Savoring cool summer desserts!

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Tokyo's humid summer is about to begin! Time to chill out with cool, refreshing desserts! Fruits jelly, pudding, smoothie, etc.🍇🍈🍊🍅🥄 Which one would you like to try?? (Personally, I want to try the tomato dessert in photo 5😏🍅) All available at Middle Basement Food Floors!

ROSE JEWEL (6 pieces): 1,836 yen

An eye-catching, cute jelly😊😍 Rose-shaped jelly and a piece of juicy fruit are floating inside jelly with elegant sweetness🍊🍑🍒 Enjoy 3 different flavors!

Muscat of Alexandria Pudding: 378 yen per cup

A refreshing pudding is currently available at Japan's famous pudding shop "Morozoff"😊 Milky pudding is sandwiched between muscat sauce and jelly with elegant, mellow aroma and refreshing, sweet sour flavor.

[Tsuruya Hachiman]
Summer Jelly (3 pieces): 1,458 yen

Jelly using Okayama Prefecture's white peach, grapes, and Wakayama Prefecture's Hassaku orange🍑🍇🍊

Tropical Fruit Smoothie (3 cups): 810 yen

BeRNE added some original twist to USA West Coast born smoothie. Slightly freeze it, lightly sir it, and enjoy the fun, melt-in-your-mouth texture😋

[Ginza Suzuya]
Tomato Paste Jelly: 378 yen each

It looks like a fruit jelly, but in fact, it's "Mizu Yokan", a lighter, watery version of yokan (Japanese thick sweet bean jelly)😲 Japanese tomato puree is mixed together with white bean paste. Enjoy the sweet and mildly sour tomato flavor😋🍅

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