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Privacy Policy

General Incorporated Association Japan Shopping Tourism Organization (JSTO) is working to enhance the number of businesses to provide satisfying hospitality to international customers and guests visiting Japan through tourism promotion to Japan based on shopping as we spread the attraction of Japan (such as specialty, hospitality, and lifestyle) to the world and welcome more customers to Japan.

About Copyright

The copyright of all contents on this website belongs to this organization, business operators of this website, and/or related persons. Secondary use of the copyrighted works on this website without permission such as unauthorized duplication, reproduction, lending, distribution or sale are strictly prohibited for both profit and non-profit purposes.

About link

As a general rule, it is free of charge to link to the top page of this website (https://japanshopping.org).
When placing the link to a website, please send us the content and the URL of the website, the purpose of posting the link, your name, and contact information.
For applications of link publication E-mail : info@jsto.or.jp
We may decline the application if it does not meet the purpose of this website.


Although this organization takes the utmost care and attention regarding the information provided on this website, we do not guarantee its validity or accuracy for 100%. The content (including usage rules) or the URL of this website may change or be deleted without any notice. This organization assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage or troubles that may occur to users using the information on this website.

Privacy Policy

Regarding handling of personal information of the users in the services provided on this website (hereinafter referred to as "this service"), this organization has designed the privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "this policy") as follows.

  1. Definition of personal information
    In this privacy policy, "personal information" refers to "personal information" stipulated by the law regarding protection of personal information.
  2. Acquisition of Personal Information
    Our organization will endeavor to acquire, use, and provide appropriate personal information in consideration of the content and the scale of the business. We will properly obtain personal information, utilize it to the extent required for achieving the purpose of use, and never acquire it by unauthorized means. In addition, we will not handle personal information beyond the purpose (utilization other than for intended purposes) and appropriate measures shall be taken for prevention of utilization other than for intended purposes.
  3. Purpose of Use
    As our organization ensures the safety of collection, use and management of personal information, we use personal information only for responding to requests or inquiries from users and will not use it for any other purposes.
  4. Providing Information to Third Parties
    Personal information will not be provided to third parties (including persons outside Japan) without the advanced consent of the user, except where it is provided for in the law. However, the user information may be provided to a third party in the following cases.
    1. When providing user information to the external service operation company for linking with external services or authentication using external services
    2. When our company is required to cooperate with national institutions, local governments or persons entrusted to carry out the affairs stipulated by law, and when there is a risk that obtaining consent from the user may hinder the performance of the affairs
    3. When other laws and regulations permit
  5. Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use, Deletion
    When a user requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, or deletion of personal information, our organization will disclose it without any delay after confirming their identity, except provided for in the law.
  6. Privacy Policy
    Our organization changes this privacy policy as needed.
    When this privacy policy may be changed, the content will be displayed on this website.

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