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Kanto Tokyo
Keio Shinjuku Department Store
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Take a look at all of these Halloween cakes, desserts, crackers, cookies, and candies currently available at Keio Department Store! They will definitely bring on the Halloween mood and are perfect for Halloween gatherings♬ All available at Middle Basement Food Floor until October 31st (Tuesday)!

Halloween Sweet & Purple Sweet Potato Cream Tart: 1,181 yen per piece
📍La Maison ensoleille table pâtisserie (Middle Basement Floor)
This shop sells eye-catching, gorgeous looking tarts❤️ Available for a limited time, their Halloween tart will bring on the Halloween mood😉 Miyako Island's Churakoi Purple Sweet Potato cream is layered over pumpkin custard tart😋

Maple Halloween Tin: 1,836 yen
(7 cookies, 3 chocolate cakes)

📍The MAPLE MANIA (Basement 1)
A special assortment with maple butter cookies and revival maple chocolate cakes inside a bucket-shaped can. "TRICK OR MAPLE MANIA!"

Fukiyose Amajoppai Halloween Can (150g): 2,700 yen
📍tamayose (Middle Basement Floor)
So colorful and delightful❤️ Meaning sweet-salty, "Amajoppai Can" is filled with sweet karinto (deep-fried brown sugar snack), bean snacks, salty crackers, and vegetable chips, along with Jack-o'-Lantern icing cookie. A limited Halloween version fukiyose (traditional Japanese assorted snack)😋

CAT & MONSTER PARTY (16 treats): 1,728 yen
📍ISHIYA G (Middle Basement Floor)
Monsters are peeking out the castle window to welcome guests! Cookies and chocolates in Halloween packages are hidden inside the box. A playful treat box with Halloween English sayings🤩

Halloween Petits Fours (8 mini cakes): 2,646 yen
📍ANTÉNOR (Middle Basement Floor)
Perfect for sharing with friends! Or even have them all by yourself and enjoy various flavors! An assortment of 8 different cakes including purple sweet potato mont blanc cake, strawberry mousse, pumpkin petit cream puff, chocolate cake, etc.😋 Will definitely set up the mood for a Halloween party!

Black Cat Cake: 1,836 yen each
*Limited to 5 cakes per day.
📍Juchheim (Middle Basement Floor)

A black cat chocolate mousse cake☆

Halloween Box (8 flavors・20 pieces): 1,620 yen
📍Akasaka Kakiyama (Middle Basement Floor)

A fusion of Japanese and Halloween🎃 Various crackers using autumn favorites such as sweet potato and spinach. The black rice rice cracker is bamboo charcoal curry flavor. The box decorated using gold flakes is perfect for a gift too🎁

Halloween Anmitsu: 631 yen per serving
📍Funabashiya (Middle Basement Floor)

"Anmitsu (あんみつ)" is a Japanese traditional dessert with small cubed jelly topped with sweet bean paste and fruits. This one is a seasonal limited for everyone from kids to adults to enjoy! Savor Halloween in Japanese style👍

Halloween Sable Cookies (16 pieces): 1,620 yen
📍ATELIER Sabléya (Middle Basement Floor)

ATELIER Sabléya (Middle Basement Floor)🤩🎃👻

Pumpkin Pudding: 1,080 yen each
📍Morozoff (Middle Basement Floor)

Speaking of pudding in Japan, we can't forget Morozoff! Currently they're selling their seasonal limited Halloween version! After adding milk, egg, and fresh cream to pumpkin paste made from Hokkaido's Ebisu pumpkin, the pudding is baked slowly. A pudding with rich cinnamon and flavorful pumpkin taste😋

①Halloween Party: 184 yen each 
(5 candies, 2 milk chocolates)
②Halloween Friends w/Wandering Eyes: 368 yen each
(6 candies, 2 crunch chocolates)


Fruit-flavored candies and chocolates packed inside a cute ghost packages that will bring smiles to kids👻🍭🍬🍫

Halloween Maizuru (4 pieces): 1,016 yen
*Limited to 50 boxes per day.
📍Tsuruya Hachiman (Middle Basement Floor)

Tsuruya Hachiman's popular dorayaki (pancake filled with sweet bean paste) with Jack-o'-Lantern pattern👍

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