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So cute😊♥ These ornaments and paper crafts are for "Children's Day" in Japan which falls on May 5th! It's the day to honor individual strengths of children and wish for their happiness. Because it's also known as "Boy's Festival", families with boys decorate "Kabuto" (兜: samurai helmets) and "Koinobori" (鯉のぼり: carp streamers)🎏

on the 6th Floor is currently selling products to celebrate this special day! Small, adorable ornaments are waiting to be taken home with you!

🎏HARIKO SHIKA Koinobori: 4,400 yen

🎏 HARIKO SHIKA Kinkuma: 4,950 yen

🎏Korokoro Satsuki Ornament: 1,100 yen

🎏Nishikisai Koinobori Ceramic Bell: 825 yen

🎏Chirimen Charm: 550 yen

Especially paper products such as post cards and illustration boards will make a perfect souvenir for they won't take too much space in your suit case👍

🎏Picture Folding Screen Koinobori Kintoki: 3,520 yen

🎏fukufuku HARIKO Illustration Board: 1,430 yen

*Seasonal items. Available while supplies last. Please note some designs may be out of stock.

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