Shiose Souhonke's Jonamagashi♡ Beautiful work of art!

Kanto Tokyo
Keio Shinjuku Department Store
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This type of Japanese confectionery is classified as “Jonamagashi” (上生菓子) and often served at tea ceremonies and special occasions. (Or a super treat for myself!) It depicts Japanese 4 seasons by shaping soft, moist “nerikiri” (練りきり, made from sweet white bean paste, mochi powder, and sugar) into seasonal flowers, fruits, birds, fishes, etc. Each one is made delicately by hand!

Japanese confectionery shop “Shiose Souhonke” delivers monthly jonamagashi. I chose these 3 beautiful pieces today: green maple, hydrangea, and nadeshiko (fringed pink) which all express early Japanese summer. Smooth, very moist, and melts inside your mouth!

Jonamagashi: 432 yen each (incl. tax)

*Available until JUN 30 (WED).
@Middle Basement Floor Shiose Souhonke

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