Bath time with Amanatsu orange

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Are your elbows, knees, and other dry areas ready for summer?? Amanatsu orange series from HOUSE OF ROSE is recommendable if you're looking for body care products that smell good and still moisturize your skin🍊🍊🍊

The Amanatsu orange series are available in the following line-up: Oh!Baby Body Smoother which helps remove old skin cells by gently rubbing on wet skin, body soap, jelly lotion, and hand gel cream. You can enjoy this series both in bath and out of bath!

Even when tired, the refreshing, sweet-sour scent of Amantsu orange which reminds us of the blue sky and sunshine of early summer, will make us feel that tomorrow will be a good day!

🍊Amanatsu Oh!Baby Body Smoother (350g): 1,650 yen

🍊Amanatsu Body Soap (300ml): 1,430 yen

🍊Amanatsu Jelly Lotion (200ml): 1,650 yen

🍊Amanatsu Hand Gel Cream (45g): 990 yen

Light smooth gel cream. Good choice if you don't like hand cream that is too sticky👍

📍Be Prime HOUSE OF ROSE (6F)

*Available until JUL 31 (SUN). Available while supplies last.

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