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Recommended supplement from AFC

Winter is approaching Tokyo and is getting colder and colder each day. Many people tend to feel a bit tired and sleepy during the change of season. To cope with this, it's beneficial not only to exercise on a daily basis but also take in nutrients actively😉👍

Here is "LUXURY NMN 15000" available at AFC supplement shop on the 8th Floor of Keio Department Store. This supplement includes ingredients such as NMN, fisetin, coenzyme Q10, and help support your active life and health.

LUXURY NMN 15000 is manufactured in GMP certified factory in Japan under quality control and hygiene management, from manufacturing to the very last packaging. Also the LUXURY NMN 15000 itself is GMP certified.

LUXURY NMN 15000 (120 tablets): 88,560 yen

📍AFC (8F)

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