Cute Hot Pots by Hidefumi Yamanaka

Art / Traditional crafts
Kanto Tokyo
Keio Shinjuku Department Store
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Winter in Japan means time for "Nabe (鍋)" or hot pot! Hot pot is filled with various vegetables, meat, and seafood, and it's a tradition in Japan to share a hot pot with friends and family

Currently at Keio Department Store's Tableware Corner, cute hot pots hand painted by Hidefumi Yamanaka (山中秀書) are available♬

Using indigo color, animals and nature are depicted with warm touch♡ What's cute is that even the inner side of the lid has illustration painted! These pots are available not only for family dinner but also for single serving as well.

Come find your favorite pattern! By the way I like the chestnut pattern♬
📍Tableware Corner (6F)

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