GLAMOURDISE's cute summer macarons!

Kanto Tokyo
Keio Shinjuku Department Store
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Enjoying Japanese summer both in visual and flavor with GLAMOURDISE’s macarons! Includes 6 different refreshing flavors with patterns symbolic of Japanese summer!

♡Ramune: Have you ever tried “ramune” before? It’s Japanese soda served in Codd-necked bottle with a marble neck and reminds many Japanese the good old days.

♡Passion Strawberry: Sweet sour strawberry flavor with fun tropical twist of passion fruits.

♡Kyoho: Japanese giant grape macaron with zesty lemon flavor. Aromatic & juicy!

♡Peach: The sweet peach flavor is deliciously balanced out with raspberry’s sour kick!

♡Watermelon: Chocolate bits are inside, perhaps to resemble the seeds.

♡Natsumikan: Refreshing and fruity! Slightly bitter sweet, a taste typical of summer oranges.

été Summer Macaron Set (6 macarons): 1,512 yen (incl. tax)
*Uses alcohol.
*Available until AUG 31 (TUE).
@Middle Basement Floor: GLAMOURDISE

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