Time for mont blanc cakes! Juchheim's classic mont blanc cake♡

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Keio Shinjuku Department Store
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One of the favorite autumn desserts among Japanese is definitely "Mont Blanc." It’s a pastry made of plenty of chestnut cream, usually with whipped cream hidden inside the mountain-like dome. Very simple, but Japanese has a huge obsession with this chestnut dessert.

Today’s Mont Blanc is from “juchheim”, a pastry shop famous for baumkuchen but their cakes are also a not-to-miss! On top of the beautiful strings of chestnut cream is a large piece of candied chestnut. Inside the mountain of rich, smooth chestnut cream is plenty of light, fluffy whipped cream.

You’ll also find chocolate-coated baked meringue as you continue to eat. Its crispy, melt-in-the-mouth texture adds an accent and extra fun to this dessert!

This is why I can’t quit sweet tooth!

♡Mont Blanc: 540 yen
◇juchheim (Middle Basement Floor)

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