YA-MAN POP-UP SHOP open until late-AUG!

Kanto Tokyo
Keio Shinjuku Department Store
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YAMAN is a Japanese beauty brand specializing in home care beauty devices. The brand, commemorating its 45th anniversary this year, continues to manufacture beauty appliances with their latest technologies.

Currently, YA-MAN POP UP SHOP is open at Keio Department Store's Beauty Square on the 2nd Floor😊

Their signature all-in-one facial beauty devices including "Bloom 5" and "Photo PLUS Prestige Pro" as well as EMS lifting care mask "Medi Lift Plus", hair and body care devices, shavers, and cosmetics are available.

Friendly staffs will help you find products that will meet your beauty needs😊👍 Feel free to stop by⭐

Bloom 5: 95,700 yen
YA-MAN's popular facial device. "Golden Heat Distribution RF (Radio Frequencies)" is emitted from 5-layer ring, an advanced form of YA-MAN's unique "parallel electrode (*)" technology. Combined with "Multi RF System", it provides concentrated care to skin aging and skin troubles. An all-in-one facial device perfect for busy life.
*Patent Number: 6212608

Photo PLUS Prestige Stage Pro: 220,000 yen
YA-MAN's "Absorption Technology (*)" and high-frequency EMS will help deliver hydration and firmness to skin.
*Up to the stratum corneum

Medi Life PLUS & Moisture Serum Set: 37,180 yen
An advanced model of EMS mask "Medi Lift" that trains your lower face muscles (*) just by wearing.
*Physically moves your face muscles by transmitting electrical stimulation.

📍YA-MAN (2F)
*Please note shop staff is unavailable from 1PM to 2PM.

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