Enjoying autumn foliage with greeting cards♪♬

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Keio Shinjuku Department Store
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Autumn is the season to enjoy the brightly colored leaves. The contrast between the brilliant red and yellow leaves and the clear autumn sky is so beautiful, I never get tired of seeing them every year!!

Currently "Maruzen" (stationery store) is filled with autumn leaves!! Various greeting cards depicting autumn foliage is available...most of them look like the beautiful scenery you might see from the train window. Three-dimensional ones are great to add some seasonal accent to you room too!

Where are the best places to see autumn foliage in your country?? In Tokyo, Mt. Takao is a beautiful place to enjoy autumn leaves. It's about an hour from Shinjuku Station via Keio Line! (The hot spring bath house nearby is also recommendable☆)

♡Autumn Foliage Greeting Card: available from 440 yen each
◇Maruzen (7F)

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