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We all know that tofu is healthy, but have you ever tried it in Japanese way? "Kichiza (吉座)" offers various tofu dishes using tofu from Nikko, which is a famous region for tofu🤩👏👏

Yudofu (boiled tofu), with each bite, lets you fully enjoy the sweet flavor of tofu✨ Yuba or tofu skin, which is made from warmed soy milk✨ Shiraae or tofu salad mixed with hijiki seaweed✨etc.😋 Finding your favorite tofu dish will be a great memory of your Japan trip😊🗾✈️

Other than tofu dishes, Kichiza also offers Japanese traditional food💓 A variety of menus such as sukiyaki set and assorted Japanese food set are available✨✨Each set comes with tofu dishes too! Click pics to see more info about each menu in our post😉👍

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🥢Irodori Kago Gozen (assorted Japanese food in basket): 2,990 yen
An assortment of various Japanese food including Kichiza's signature tofu dish, meat, fish, sashimi (raw fish), and tempura. The presentation using a basket is beautiful.

[Menu Includes] Nikko tofu, tofu salad with hijiki seaweed, kneaded tofu, mizuna green & fried tofu salad, taro with grated radish, Nikko yuba & tuna sashimi, beef steak, tempura, rice, miso soup with tofu, pickles, dessert

🥢Sukiyaki Set: 2,790 yen
Sukiyaki using Japanese beef. Beef and vegetables are simmered inside soup with good balance of saltiness from the soy sauce and sweetness from the sugar.

[Menu Includes] Nikko tofu, 3 assorted appetizers (Nikko yuba, tofu salad with hijiki seaweed, mizuna green & fried tofu salad), sukiyaki, rice, miso soup with tofu, pickles, dessert

🥢Seasame Tofu: 440 yen
Homemade sesame tofu with chewy texture. The flavor of white sesame will spread fragrantly inside your mouth. The wasabi (Japanese horseradish) on top adds sharpness to the dish.

🥢Japanese Spanish Mackerel Saikyoyaki & Beef Steak Set; 1,940 yen
A set menu with sagoshi (Japanese Spanish mackerel) and beef as main dishes. Enjoy beef with sesame miso, and sagoshi with saikyoyaki. Saikyoyaki or grilled fish marinated with sweet white miso, is a traditional Kyoto dish.

[Menu Includes] Nikko tofu, Nikko yuba, sagoshi saikyoyaki, beef steak, seasonal rice dish, miso soup with tofu, pickles, dessert

📍Kichiza (8F Restaurants)

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