"ICE RING"-Summer Life Savor!!

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Here's a genius, useful, fashionable item from "BREEZE" that will help keep you cool during the hot summer!! It's a neck cooler named "ICE RING"!!

It freezes at 28℃, and a comfortable cool feeling lasts; not too cold, not too warm😊🍃 What's great is that it doesn't sweat! You can wear it comfortably without getting your clothes or hair wet! You can use this in various situations such as sight seeing, camping, playing outside, taking your dog out for a walk, cooling down after bath, relieving heat from fever, etc. Of course, ICE RING can be used over and over😆👍

Sizes are available for children, adults, and pets!! Choose from a wide variety of designs and colors😉✨

Also, ice packs and cooler pouches for ICE RING are also available!

Ice Pack (S-size): 385 yen each
ICE RING sizes SS/XS/S will fit perfectly inside this ice pack👍

Ice Pack (S-size): 385 yen each
This ice pack is a pocket type, so it will cool ICE RING from both sides👍

Cooler Bag: 990 yen
A cooler bag to keep your ICE RING + ice pack set is also available😉👍

Cooler Bag: 990 yen each
4 designs are available😍 I personally like the bottom right navy one! It's so cute with camping goods like tents, lanterns, backpacks, etc. designed⛺

At the shop, look for the light blue signboard with "ICE RING" in white lettering😉

Let's survive hot summer with ICE RING🌞😎
*Available until AUG 31 (WED).


💙Adult: 3,410 yen
*M (neck size: approx. 30cm) / L (neck size: approx. 37cm)

💙Children: 2,970 yen
*S (neck size: approx. 25cm)

💙Pet: 2,750 yen
*XS (neck size: approx. 18cm) / SS (neck size: approx. 21cm)


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