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If you're looking for kids & baby clothes in Japan, you can't miss out "familiar"

Well-known for their adorable bear motif, familiar has been loved for over 70 years. And the reasons are clear. Familiar's clothes are not only cute and creative, but also practical and perfect for gifts.

Let's take a quick peek at some of the cute outfits and accessories that are currently available♬ (Not to mention, I had a difficult time narrowing down the outfits to post!)

familiar Teddy Bear: 11,000 yen
A fluffy cuddly teddy bear of "Fami-chan"♥ So cute!

T-shirt: 7,480 yen (sizes: 80, 90cm), 8,250 yen (sizes: 100-120cm)
Reversible Skirt: 14,850 yen
(sizes: 80, 90cm), 16,500 yen (sizes: 100-120cm), 18,700 yen (size: 130cm)

Back Pack: 10,450 yen
*Size: approx. 31×26×12cm, Capacity: approx. 9L

Hat: 7,150 yen (size: 45-47cm)
Sailor's hat with bear ears♬

Hat: 9,350 yen (sizes: 45-47cm, 49-51cm)
It's not only adorable but it's washable, which helps so much in hot weather🌞
T-shirt: 9,900 yen
(sizes: 80, 90cm)

Backpack: 9,900 yen (size: approx. 21×20×5.5cm)
T-Shirt: 13,200 yen
(sizes: 80, 90cm), 14,850 yen (size: 100cm)
Shorts: 11,550 yen
(sizes: 80, 90cm), 13,200 yen (sizes: 100-120cm), 14,850 yen (size: 130cm)

Hat: 7,700 yen (sizes: 45, 47, 49, 51cm)
T-Shirt: 8,800 yen
(sizes: 80, 90cm), 9,680 yen (sizes: 100-120cm)
Tunic: 12,650 yen
(sizes: 80, 90cm), 14,300 yen (sizes: 100-120cm)
Leggings: 8,250 yen
(sizes: 80, 90cm)

Gift Set (bib & stuffed toy): 3,850 yen

Other than outfits, cute lunch boxes are available too!
Aluminum Lunch Box (350ml): 2,530 yen
Mini Food Container (150ml): 660 yen

1000days Album: 4,400 yen
A photo album to keep your baby's photos from pregnancy to 2nd birthday.

Gel Case: 5,500 yen
A palm-size pouch to keep hand sanitizers and some other small goodies like hand cream, band-aid, cough drops, etc. Attachable on your bag👍
Pencil Case: 6,050 yen

A pencil case shaped like Japanese bullet train♬

Cardigan: 14,850 yen (sizes: 80, 90cm), 16,500 yen (sizes: 100-120cm)
The front side is simple, but the backside is cute with characters enjoying their town life.

Bag: 13,200 yen

When visiting familiar, look for "Fami-chan (ファミちゃん)”, a white bear with blue ribbon at the shop entrance♥

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