Celebrating Christmas with Nisse☆彡

Kanto Tokyo
Keio Department Store Shinjuku
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Just wanted to share you these adorable little dolls♡

Gentle expression, cute gestures, fuzzy clothes...each one of them is simply so cute that makes me forget about everyday stress. These dolls are from "NORDIKA nisse", a doll company which delivers handmade wooden dolls depicting Danish Nisse.

In Denmark, it's said that Nisse is a friendly elf that protects children and home, bringing in good luck. During the Christmas season, they become busy helping Santa! In Scandinavia, there is a custom of giving sweet milk porridge and gingerbread cookies as gifts to thank Nisse☆

As you can see from the pics, these Nisse dolls are in so many variations! How would you decorate them?

Nisse Dolls: available from 3,520 yen each

Ladies' Fashion Wear Corner [NORDIKA nisse] (1F)

*Pop-up shop open until DEC 25 (SAT).
*Available while supplies last.

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