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One of Japan's unique school culture is "𝑅𝑎𝑛𝑑𝑜𝑠𝑒𝑟𝑢 (ランドセル)" or school bags! It's one of the must-have items for elementary school children in Japan. Some of you might have seen them in Japanese anime and comics! In Japan, the new school year starts in April. Although it's been only a few weeks into April, randoseru for children who will be entering elementary school in April 2023 are already available!

These bags are equipped with dividers and zippered pockets to easily organize school materials, notebooks, handkerchiefs, pocket tissues, and other personal belongings, shoulder straps designed to make the school bags easy to carry, and many other useful features. And above all, they're sturdy to last for 6 years of elementary school life!

Nowadays, randoseru are available in so many colors, but when I was a child in the 90s, the choices were most often red or black! Very few classmates carried pink or navy, and as a child I found them so cool♬ Here are some randoseru available at Keio Department Store's Kidswear Corner on 7th Floor.

LITSUKA (artificial leather, 1,280): 75,900 yen each

Using selected materials, "ICHIKAWA HOKO (市川鞄広)" carefully handcrafts randoseru under the 3 concepts "High Quality", "Elegant", and "Durable." The "LITSUKA" series is characterized by its high quality design done by craftsmen. The soft colors can be used up to upper elementary grades.

YUTO (artificial leather, 1,300g): 77,000 yen each
A fabric is placed over the flap for extra durability. The color around the rim adds an accent to the bag. Bi-color randoseru is so classy!

elephant cube (artificial leather, 1,200g): 71,500 yen each

"KIDS AMI" has been producing randoseru for 70 years; each one handmade by skilled craftsmen. They've been aiming to deliver randoseru with durability and comfortable use. The "elephant cube" series has an ample storage of 13.5cm width. The embroidery is so cute.

Rabbit Wide (artificial leather, 1,050g): 55,000 yen each

Lightweight at 1,050g, but with a large storage of 13.5cm wide. The bag is designed to carry around comfortably.

Wonderful Pocket (artificial leather, 1,190g): 68,200 yen each

A randoseru with excellent capacity: a pocket to store laptop and tablet, and a 13.5cm wide storage. Its back cushion "Windy Soft" helps prevent back pains.

RAKUPITA×Fit-chan Omoiyari Model (artificial leather, 1,190g): 68,200 yen each

A randoseru with "RAKUPITA (楽ピタ)" shoulder straps with low-resistance cushioning and comfortable back fitting function "Fit-chan® (フィットちゃん)".

[Hikaru Fit-chan®An Pika]
Royal Rose PREMIERE (artificial leather, 1,270g): 79,200 yen each

An elegant series with embroidery on the flap and sides. The rims of the flap and sides have reflective "An Pika (安ピカッ)" to keep your child safe on dark roads.

[mezzo piano]
mezzo piano Princess parfum (artificial leather, 1,220g): 99,000 yen each

A cute randoseru with chic rose embroidery and quilt-like embroidery on the inside pockets!

NASA High-spec Black (artificial leather, 1,250g): 85,800 yen each

A randoseru full of dreams! Even small parts are in black color, trying to reflect the image of space! The shoulder straps are functioned with low-resistance cushion "RAKUPITA (楽ピタ)" to help reduce shoulder pains!

[Hikaru Fit-chan® An Pika]
Carbon Lock An Pika (artificial leather, 1,260g): 64,350 yen each

A randoseru with cool carbon design and shape! The rims of the flap and sides have reflective "An Pika (安ピカッ)" to keep your child safe on dark roads!

【How to choose RANDOSERU】

Aritificial leather is lightweight and comes in a wide variety of designs and colors. If you're looking for a classy design with durability, cowhide is reccommended.


If you want your child to use randoseru until upper elementary grades when the amount of textbooks and notebooks tend to increase, you might want to choose a randoseru that is large enough to carry A4-size files. You would also want to choose a wide one.


The fitting of a randoseru depends on the "back strap," which is located at the base of the shoulder belts and connects the bag to the shoulder belts. It's important to have your child actually try it on and choose the one that is comfortable to carry.

If you have a child about to enter elementary school or already in elementary school, why not try a Japanese school bag?

*Available while supplies last.
*Products will arrive sequentially.
*Colors and weights shown may differ slightly from the actual products.

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