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Kanto Tokyo
Keio Shinjuku Department Store
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Various desserts using strawberry are currently available at Keio's Middle Basement Food Floor and 8th floor restaurants🍓 If you happen to be in Japan, don't miss out the strawberry season!!

🍓Strawberry Daifuku: 432 yen each
*Only 60 pieces per day.
Daifuku using Tochigi Prefecture's strawberry. Half & half sweet bean paste (red beans & white beans) and whole strawberry are wrapped inside mochi (Japanese chewy rice cake)😋
📍Eitaro (Middle Basement Floor)

🍓Aya Ichigo: 324 yen each
Chewy kuzu manjyu (Japanese jelly) filled with white bean paste and strawberry paste.
📍Minamoto Kitchoan (Middle Basement Floor)

🍓Strawberry Castella 0.5A-size (5 pieces): 675 yen
Fluffy, pink castella baked with freeze dried strawberries.
📍Bunmeido Tokyo (Middle Basement Floor)

🍓Millefeuille Amaou Strawberry (10 pieces): 1,188 yen
Chocolate-coated crispy mille feuille with Amaou strawberry cream sandwiched inside.
📍Mary's (Middle Basement Floor)

🍓Strawberry & Whipped Cream Sandwich (2 pieces): 648 yen
Luxurious sandwich with mellow whipped cream and 3 whole strawberries filled between Marchen's original fluffy bread
📍Marchen (Middle Basement Floor)

🍓Shortcake: 648 yen per piece
juchheim's popular, classic shortcake with 2 strawberries on top.
📍juchheim (Middle Basement Floor)

🍓Benihoppe Strawberry & Raw Chocolate Tart: 756 yen per piece
*Only 10 pieces per day.
Sweet-sour strawberries and strawberry cream are layered over chocolate mousse filled with rich ganache. Enjoy the perfect harmony of sweetness and sourness😋
📍ANTÉNOR (Middle Basement Floor)

🍓Strawberry & Orange Dessert: 594 yen/100g
Refreshing dessert with fruits and nata de coco (coconut juice jelly).
📍TAKANO (Middle Basement Floor)

🍓Fukuoka Amaou Strawberry Pudding: 378 yen each
A delicious combination of sweet Amaou strawberries, whipped cream, and mellow milk🍮
📍Morozoff (Middle Basement Floor)

🍓Winter Cheesecake<Strawberry Flavor>(6 pieces): 1,998 yen
Denmark cream cheese with strawberry paste and condensed milk mixed inside, is baked with strawberry-scented biscuit crust.
📍SHISEIDO PARLOUR (Middle Basement Floor)

🍓Tutu Tart (3 pieces): 702 yen
Cute mini tarts representing a ballerina's tutu. Decorated with strawberry cream, freeze dried strawberry, and pistachio.
📍ROKUMEIKAN (Middle Basement Floor)

🍓Baked Shortcake with Plenty of Strawberry: 1,870 yen
Plenty of strawberries topped over Colombin's regular menu "Baked Shortcake (sponge cake)." Irresistible for everyone who loves strawberries!
📍Colombin (8F Restaurants)

🍓Strawberry Parfait: 990 yen
A parfait gorgeously decorated with sliced strawberries and blueberry sauce for an accent!
📍Okonomi Dining (8F Restaurants)

🍓Strawberry & Warabimochi Mini Parfait (comes with coffee): 1,430 yen
A mini parfait decorated with strawberry. Prepared in Japanese style with ice cream, sweet beans, and warabimochi (chewy dessert).
📍Ginza Seigetsudo (8F Restaurants)

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