Enjoy early summer scent with Hydrangea items♬

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Japan is in the middle of the hydrangea season.
June is rainy and humid, but these beautiful, vivid flowers brighten up gloomy days.

Here are hydrangea incense and hand care items currently available at Afternoon Tea LIVING on the 6th Floor♥

Take back home the refreshing scent of hydrangea and seasonal motif of Japanese rainy season.

Hydrangea Reed Diffuser: 1,980 yen

Hydrangea Incense Stick (20 sticks): 770 yen
A beginner-friendly incense set that comes with an incense stand.

Hydrangea Hand Soap: 660 yen
How about brightening up your day with nice hydrangea scent while washing your hands?

Hydrangea Hand Cream Gift: 1,320 yen
A set of 2 different hydrangea hand cream. The blue one is "Rainy Hydrangea" and the pink one is "Rainbow Hydrangea."

Hydrangea Hand Care Set: 990 yen
Hydrangea hand soap and hand cream with refreshing green scent packaged inside a hydrangea pattern pouch.

Hydrangea Solid Perfume: 1,100 yen
Solid perfume tube which is easy to apply on wrists, fingertips, hair, etc.

Hydrangea Solid Perfume: 1,100 yen each

Hydrangea Hand Cream: 660 yen

Hydrangea Hand Cream: 660 yen each
(left) "Rainbow Hydrangea" floral notes
(right) "Rainy Hydrangea" refreshing green notes

These are seasonal items and available while supplies last so don't miss out!

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