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Happy Father's Day!
June 19 (SUN) is Father's Day (父の日) in Japan♡

Chance to show thankfulness and appreciation to all dads! I've heard that some countries celebrate Father's Day on different dates. When is your country's Father's Day??

Here are some recommended Father's Day gifts currently available at Keio Department Store!

COEDO Beer Premium Set (333ml×12 bottles): 5,728 yen

📍Liquor Corner (Middle Basement Floor)

A beer set from COEDO BREWERY, a beer brewery founded in Saitama Prefecture (north of Tokyo). An assortment of 6 different beers including "Ruri (瑠璃)" with refreshing taste, and "Beniaka (紅赤)" using Kintoki sweet potato which is a specialty of Saitama Kawagoe City.

Ao (700ml): 5,500 yen
📍Liquor Corner (Middle Basement Floor)

A whisky that embodies various characteristics; Sweet, fruity notes, mellow yet heavy taste, accompanied by pleasant smoky aftertaste.

10 Shochu Mini Bottles in Wooden Box (100ml×10 bottles): 3,740 yen

📍Liquor Corner (Middle Basement Floor)

An assortment of shochu with various flavors including "SATSUMA GODAI (さつま五代)", which has a history over 100 years. 10 mini bottles are packed in a special wooden box.

DENSHIN First Class Junmai Daiginjo (720ml): 5,500 yen

📍Liquor Corner (Middle Basement Floor)

Sake with a fruity aroma like muscat, sweet mellow rice flavor, and pleasant aftertaste. A winner of various awards and has been served on first class international flights.

[Yoshikawa Suisan]
Miyazaki Prefecture's Grilled Eel (1 eel/comes with sauce): 3,900 yen

📍Grocery Corner (Basement 1)

Eel from Miyazaki Prefecture (southern Japan) is grilled slowly and fluffy over charcoal.

[Asakusa Imahan]
Japanese Black Beef
For Yakiniku, Sukiyaki
(comes with Father's Day Card)
(350g) 5,400 yen each
(750g) 10,800 yen each

📍Grocery Corner (Basement 1)

How about a luxurious meal on Father's Day? Japanese Black Beef Father's Day package that comes with a message card.

[Shinbashi Tamakiya]
Kaiseki Chazuke C-6 (6 packs): 3,510 yen

📍Shinbashi Tamakiya (Middle Basement Floor)

Japanese comfort food "Ochazuke (お茶漬)" or soopy rice dish prepared with savory ingredients, warm tea or dashi broth. Tamakiya's ochazuke box is an assortment of various flavors: sea bream, clam, asari clam, horse mackerel, and cod roe. Comes with ingredients and dashi broth.

Premium Beer Glass Set with Golden Lines: 3,850 yen

(Capacity: 380ml×2 glasses, comes in a box)

📍Table & Kitchenware Corner (6F)

Glasses with eye-catching golden pattern and modern design that looks refreshing. Great for daily uses yet adds some glamor to your dining table.

Daiginjo O/Sake Tasting Glasses: 5,500 yen
(Capacity: 375ml×2 glasses)

📍Table & Kitchenware Corner (6F)

The vertical bowl shape brings fruity aroma and refreshing taste. These glasses are suitable for drinking Japanese sake, especially "Daiginjo (大吟醸酒)" and "Ginjo (吟醸酒)."
*Upon brewing sake, surface of rice is polished. The rice polishing ratio of ”Daiginjo" is under 50%, and "Ginjo" is under 40%.

Polo Shirt: 22,000 yen
(52% cotton・48% polyester)


Raglan sleeve polo shirt with New York house tartan pattern on the front. Useful for daily fashion.

Antique Bodybag: 23,100 yen

*Limited shop open from JUN 2 (THU) to JUN 15 (WED).

Compact yet has a large capacity. Vintage like leather is used, and you can enjoy the change in color and luster that increase with time.

Stole: 18,700 yen
(80% cotton, 20% linen)


A simple T-shirt will become more fashionable just by wrapping a stole around your neck. The light, comfortable touch of cotton and linen, and the bright colors will add a fresh look to your summer fashion. Made in Italy.

Argyle Sox: 2,420 yen per pair


Made in Japan socks with a soft, woven texture and dimensional design. Fit well to your feet, easy to wear, and available in various colors! Enjoy fashion from your feet!

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