Water resistant! Breathable! Slip-resistant! TOP DRY shoes!

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Have you ever experienced your shoes getting soaking wet on rainy days and end up uncomfortably squishy??

Anyone who has gone through that kind of experience, TOP DRY shoes won't let you down😊☔ They're water resistant, breathable, and slip-resistant! TOP DRY shoes use GORE-TEX fabrics which has high water resistance and moisture vapor permeability. It prevents rain drops from entering inside the shoes and released moisture vapor outside, keeping your shoes comfortable and less stuffy on rainy days😊👣✨

TOP DRY shoes aren't just functional but have a wide variety of designs😍 You'll probably be able to find a pair that will meet your purpose💓

I especially like the sneakers in photo 1👟 These will be useful not only for daily use but also when traveling! They'll keep my feet from getting stuffy after sight seeing for hours and comfortable even in a sudden rain👍

TDY3961 (22.0~25.0㎝ 3E): 17,600 yen

TDY3912 (22.0~25.0㎝ 3E): 16,500 yen

TDY3969A (22.0~25.0㎝ 3E): 20,900 yen

TDY3985 (22.0~25.0㎝ 3E): 17,600 yen

TDY3938 (22.0~25.0㎝ 3E): 16,500 yen

TDY3987 (22.0~25.0㎝ 3E): 16,500 yen

TDY3980 (22.0~25.0㎝ 3E): 17,600 yen

TDY3929 (22.0~25.0㎝ 3E): 16,500 yen

TDY3929 (22.0~25.0㎝ 3E): 16,500 yen

TDY3729HA (22.5~25.0㎝ 3E): 17,600 yen

TDY3979 (A) (22.0~25.0㎝ 3E): 22,000 yen

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