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May 14th is Mother’s Day♥ Here are some Mother's Day desserts currently available at Keio Department Store's Basement Food Floor (*´▽`*)❀

Japanese traditional desserts in carnation are available. If you're looking for something different this year, maybe something Japanesey, be sure to check these out.

Okuru Hana ("sending flowers")(half size・250g): 1,026 yen
A Mother's Day Japanese confectionery representing carnation. "Kingyokukan" or clear jelly with doumyoji (chewy mochi flour flakes) and flower-shaped jellies in red and pink.
📍Ryoguchiya Korekiyo (Middle Basement Floor)

Mother's Day Grenoble cake (D14.5cm): 1,944 yen
*Available from MAY 12 (FRI) to 14 (SUN).
Grenoble cake decorated with white, pink, and red chocolate flakes after sandwiching chocolate cream and walnuts between chocolate sponge cake, and being coated with chantilly cream. A cute cake inspired from carnation.
📍Morozoff (Middle Basement Floor)

Baumkuchen au Chocolat with Mother's Day Message (D13.5cm): 4,752 yen
A white chocolate coated baumkuchen baked from dark chocolate dough. The gorgeous carnations are illustrated by Japanese contemporary artist Hiroko Otake.
📍GODIVA (Middle Basement Floor)

ROSE JEWEL (6 pieces): 1,836 yen
An assortment of three flavors of jellies with rose-shaped jelly containing collagen.
📍 ROKUMEIKAN(Middle Basement Floor)

Mother's Day Bite Size Yokan (10 bars): 2,160 yen
Corse red bean yokan jelly and pink-colored white bean yokan jelly packed inside Mother's Day carnation package.
📍Tsuruya Hachiman (Middle Basement Floor)

Mother's CELEBRATION (7 kinds, total of 15): 2,808 yen
Enjoy Mother's Day with GATEAU FESTA HARADA's rusks and cookies. A gorgeous Mother's Day assortment of their signature baked sweets including a seasonal limit "TIGRESSE Rouge"♬
📍GATEAU FESTA HARADA (Middle Basement Floor)

Even if you're usually too shy to show your appreciation, Mother's Day is a great chance to say a big "Thank you!" ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

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