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Kanto Tokyo
Keio Department Store Shinjuku
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Spring is in the air✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。🌸

Keio's Middle Basement Food Floor is currently filled with sakura or cherry blossom desserts! Cherry blossom flavors and packages are only available during this time of the year! All available while supplies last, so don't miss out if you happen to be in Tokyo!

Spring Package of 5 Petite Yokan: 1,620 yen
*Assortment includes: "Yoru no Ume (red beans)"×2 bars, "Omokage (brown sugar)"×2 bars, "Shinryoku (matcha)"×1 bar
📍Toraya (Middle Basement Floor)

5 petite yokan in packages depicting cherry blossoms in different sceneries. Beautiful presentation that is recommendable for spring gifts.

Double chocolat au SAKURA Assorti: 3,564 yen
*Assortment includes: Double chocolat au SAKURA×24 pieces, Cigare×6 pieces, Cigare au chocolat×6 pieces
📍YOKU MOKU (Middle Basement Floor)

White chocolate sandwiched between sakura-scented langue-de-chat cookies. Spring-limited assortment including 2 different Cigare cookies.

Spring Cheese Cake<Sakura Flavor>(6 pieces): 2,160 yen
📍SHISEIDO PARLOUR (Middle Basement Floor)

Rich Denmark cream cheese wrapped and baked inside cherry blossom scented biscuit.

Sakura Chocolate (15 pieces): 1,080 yen
📍Mon Loire (Middle Basement Floor)

Adorable chocolates with cherry blossom patterns. An assortment of chocolate using savory nuts such as hazelnuts.

SABLÉS CHOCOLAT SAKURA (10 pieces): 3,456 yen
📍GODIVA (Middle Basement Floor)

Smooth chocolate ganache sandwiched between crispy sables cookies. The light pink color ones are cherry blossom flavor🌸

Spring L'esprit ANTÉNOR (23 pieces): 1,836 yen
Assortment includes: Langue de Chat Chocolat×5 pieces, Strawberry Langue de Chat Chocolat×5 pieces, Biscuit au Chocolat×8 pieces, Langue-de-Chat Excellent×5 pieces
📍ANTÉNOR (Middle Basement Floor)

Spring-limited assortment of 4 different light textured cookies and langues-de-chat . The cherry blossom package is beautiful too🌸

Sakura Waffle (6 pieces): 1,210 yen
📍Minamoto Kitchoan (Middle Basement Floor)

Spring-limited confectionery with sakura-flavored cream sandwiched between cookies with sakura leaves🌸

Spring UTA-AWASE Mini Box: 648 yen
*Assortment includes: Omoi-hisomeshi Sweet×2 packets, Omoi-hisomeshi Bitter×2 packets, Pecan Nut Caramel Chocolatex1 packet, Pecan Nut Wasanbon (refined Japanese sugar)×1 packet
📍Ogura Sansou (Middle Basement Floor)

An assortment of Omoi-hsomeshi (bite-size rice cracker covered with chocolate) and "Pecan Nut Chocolate."

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