Chestnut Dessert Heaven!

Kanto Tokyo
Keio Department Store Shinjuku
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If you happen to be in Japan during autumn, you don't want to miss out chestnut desserts!
These chestnut-centric desserts are currently all available at Keio Department Store's Middle Basement Food Floor♥ Comparing different chestnut dessert might be fun too!

Mont Blanc: 681 yen each
Inside is chantilly cream with chopped Japanese chestnuts and white chocolate. The outer is delicate chestnut cream using Ehime Prefecture's Nakayama chestnuts.

Chestnut Roll Cake: 700 yen each
Fluffy roll cake with chopped, candied chestnuts and chestnut cream. A bit larger size will let you fully enjoy chestnuts♥

Mont Blanc: 1,512 yen
*Available until late-NOV.
Chestnut cream mousse with glazed chestnuts, is wrapped with almond sponge cake and decorated with chestnut cream☆

Mont Blanc: 627 yen each
The typical shape of "Japanese Mont Blanc." So eye-catching and delicious-looking! Hidden inside the generous amount of chestnut cream is crispy meringue! No alcohol is used, so kids can enjoy it too😋👍

Mont Blanc using Miyazaki Prefecture's Chestnuts: 702 yen each
*Available until NOV 30 (WED).
Rich Hojicha (roasted green tea) brûlée is wrapped with aromatic Japanese chestnut cream. It's combined with soft, light Dacquoise.

Chestnut France: 335 yen each
*Available until late-NOV.
Rich, chestnut cream is sandwiched between French bread with almond slices🥖 Smooth cream and crispy bread are so satisfying👍 Enjoy autumn's seasonal flavor.
📍Junibun Bakery

Let's fully enjoy chestnut desserts ٩꒰。•◡•。꒱۶

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