Spring-time Sweets

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Keio Shinjuku Department Store
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Spring is just around the corner~♪♬ Here are desserts, crackers, and cookies using cherry blossoms, as well as packages that bring on the bright spring mood! ​Seasonal packages are perfect for souvenirs too! All available at Keio Department Store's Middle Basement Food Floor.
*Please note all products are seasonal limited and available while supplies last.

Sakura Lea Pie (8 pieces): 1,296 yen

Crispy pie cookies coated with cherry blossom chocolate and decorated with cherry blossom chocolate crunches.

DOUBLE Chocolat au Sakura (24 pieces): 2,376 yen

Cherry blossom scented, smooth langue de chat cookies with cherry blossom flavored white chocolate sandwiched inside.

Kumoi no Sakura (medium size)(1 bar, 330g): 1,944 yen

A yokan depicting cherry blossoms blooming under the spring sunshine in the garden of Japanese Imperial Palace.

Fukiyose Sweet Can Sakura (190g): 2,700 yen

Spring-like assortment filled with sweets in cherry blossom shapes.

Saqu Langue de chat (Sakura)(12 pieces): 1,620 yen

Seasonal flavor of pickled cherry blossoms will spread inside your mouth.

[Hanazono Manjyu]
Sakura Manjyu (4 pieces): 864 yen
*Limited to 40 boxes per day.

Spring manjyu filled with pickled cherry blossom mixed sakura bean paste.

[Bunmeido Tokyo]
Bunmeido Castella Sakura 0.5A size (5 slices): 729 yen

Fluffy castella (Japanese sponge cake) in spring color baked with cherry blossom paste kneaded inside. The gentle aroma of cherry blossom will spread inside your mouth.

Sakura Saku-2 (5 kinds, total of 18 pieces): 2,160 yen

An assortment of spring cookies including sakura and matcha cream cookies.

Spring Cheesecakes (Sakura Flavor)(6 pieces): 2,160 yen

Cherry blossom paste mixed, rich Denmark cream cheese is wrapped inside cherry blossom scented biscuit crust made of Japanese flour (Hokkaido flour) and then baked.

Bumkuchen au Sakura (1 whole baumkuchen, D13cm): 4,428 yen

Baumkuchen, with white chocolate and cherry blossom leaves kneaded inside, coated with milk chocolate and finished with spring-like decoration.

[Minamoto Kitchoan]
Sakura Goromo (10 pieces): 2,700 yen

Flavorful sakura leaf, moist coarse azuki beans, and soft "gyuhi" (flulffy mochi) are sandwiched inside pink Japanese-style pancake.

[Tsuruya Hachiman]
Sakura Hyakurku (10 pieces): 2,376 yen

Monaka or crispy Japanese wafers filled with exquisite cherry blossom leaves and azuki bean paste inside.

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