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So many small, cute envelopes♡ They're called "Pochi Bukuro (ポチ袋)." Wonder how these envelopes are used during the New Year?

In Japan, there's a tradition called "Otoshidama" (New Year Money). It's a gift of money that children receive from their parents, grandparents, and relatives on New Year's Day. These cute envelopes are used to place Otoshidama inside. Most of these envelopes are designed with the upcoming year's Chinese zodiac! (Year 2022 is the Year of the Tiger.)

The amount of Otoshidama ranges from 1,000JPY to 10,000JPY (approx. 10USD to 100USD) depending on the age of the children. People stop giving Otoshidama when children turn 20. As a child it was a fun event, but now as an adult...it's tough! Nevertheless, I'm happy to make kids excited with the New Year's gift and the cute pochi bukuro just like when I was little. Cute designs will be sold out fast, so better prepare soon!

Maruzen (7F)

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