Summer cool desserts♡

Kanto Tokyo
Keio Department Store Shinjuku
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Let's cool down with colorful, chilled desserts! Which dessert would you like to try?? All available at Middle Basement Floor Confectionery Corner♡

Summer Sasaragata (5 pieces): 1,404 yen
Colorful kingyokukan (錦玉羹/sweet agar jelly) depicting 4 different summer fruits: pineapple, lemon, watermelon, and white peach🍍🍋🍉🍑
📍Ryoguchiya Korekiyo

KUDZU-YOSE Petit (4 pieces): 864 yen
Sweet paste wrapped inside translucent, kudzu jelly! Enjoy the smooth, jiggly texture of the jelly and thoroughly kneaded sweet paste!
📍Ginza Suzuya

Tamanowo (7 pieces): 2,981 yen
*Limited to 64 boxes.
Refreshing, juicy jelly filled with made in Japan fruits🍒🍎🍑
📍Ogura Sansou

Muscat Sorbet Box (8 pieces): 2,160 yen
When chilled, enjoy them as fruits jelly; when frozen, enjoy them as sorbet! An assortment of 4 different flavors: muscat, white peach, mango, and blood orange🍇🍑🍊
📍Minamoto Kitchoan

Kajitsu no Irodori (8 pieces): 2,160 yen
Made in Japan fruits such as Yamagata Prefecture's cherry and Okayama Prefecture's pione are used. Jelly with pleasant fragrance and juicy texture.
📍Saison de Setsuko

Ryoka no Megumi (6 pieces): 2,376 yen
Jelly with selected, Japanese fruits🍇🍑🍊 Refreshing sweet sour taste and smooth texture.

Fruits & Vegetable Jelly (9 pieces): 1,620 yen
Fruits jelly with a good balance of pulp and vegetable juice added inside🍇🍍🍅🥕 Refreshing sweetness that is easy to eat.
📍Owari Matsukazeya

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