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At Keio Department Store's "Tagoto Koetsu (田ごと光悦舖)" on the 8th floor, visitors can enjoy authentic Kyoto cuisine while staying in Shinjuku. Kyoto cuisine not only uses various seasonal ingredients but also incorporates beautiful dishes and elegant presentation that enjoy our eyes.

Tagoto Koetsu offers menu such as Shabu Shabu (しゃぶしゃぶ/Japanese hot pot dish) using Japanese Black Beef, Unaju (鰻重/grilled eel over rice) using fluffy savory Japanese eel, and Keio-exclusive "Maiko Plan (舞妓プラン)". This special menu includes representative Japanese food like Tempura, Shabu Shabu, grilled eel, and Sashimi (raw seafood).

Maiko Plan (Keio-exclusive): 11,000 yen
🕚Available to order between the following times.
Weekdays: 11AM to 2PM, 5PM to 8PM
SAT/SUN/Holidays: 11AM to 8PM

[Menu Includes]
Roast duck with tomato and small onion
Somen noodle bowl with deep-fried tile fish
Assorted sashimi of tuna and kanpachi (greater amberjack)
Japanese Black Beef shabu shabu (hot pot dish)
Assorted tempura (shrimp, sweet potato, eggplant)
Unajyu (Japanese grilled eel over rice)
Red miso soup
Matcha ice cream
*The dishes served in the Maiko Plan may change according to the day's stock.

Japanese Black Beef Shabu Shabu Set
Choose the grams of meat from the following:
60g: 3,355 yen
80g: 3,960 yen
100g: 4,840 yen

Unaju: 5,500 yen
Japanese eel used. Enjoy the tasty combination of grilled eel, rice, and sweet salty sauce.

Enjoy quiet traditional Kyoto cuisine in the relaxing atmosphere.

📍Tagoto Koetsu (8F Shinjuku Keio Dining)

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