Be mesmerized by LLADRÓ's beautiful art♬

Art / Traditional crafts
Kanto Tokyo
Keio Shinjuku Department Store
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Calling all LLADRÓ fans♡
Take a look at LLADRÓ's high porcelain art "Cinderella." It's quite rare to see this art piece at department stores so I just wanted to share it with you!

Cinderella's arrival: 6,952,000 yen

Look at the precise details which are all handcrafted! It looks as though Cinderella and the horses are about to move! If you're a LLADRÓ fan and happen to be in Tokyo, feel free to stop by and be mesmerized by this beautiful art!♬

At LLADRÓ, other various porcelain figurines are available too including Japanesy designs like Beckoning Cat, Daruma Doll, and Japanese young warriors.

Daruma (Blue, Pink): 55,000 yen each
Beckoning Cat (Blue, Pink): 59,400 yen each

Sacred Dragon: 322,300 yen

White Rabbit with Flowers②: 27,500 yen

Fly Me To The Moon (GOLD): 80,300 yen

Colby (Protective Love/Penguin)
Roby (Courageous Love/Bear)
Sunny (Loyal Love/Fox)
16,500 yen each

Cat & Toy: 156,200 yen

Resting Polar Bear
Sitting Polar Bear
15,400 yen each

Lucky Owl: 27,500 yen

Warrior Boy (Silver): 350,900 yen
Warrior Boy (Small): 78,100 yen


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