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Kanto Tokyo
Keio Shinjuku Department Store
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Autumn in Japan means time for Mont Blanc Cake or chestnut cake
It's one of the beloved cakes in Japan with smooth chestnut cream layered over sponge cake or cookie crust

Look at these beautiful mont blanc cakes. The glossy chestnuts on top and plenty of cream look so yummy♡ All are currently available at Keio Department Store's Middle Basement Food Floor♪

Mont Blanc Cake: 735 yen each
📍ANTÉNOR (Middle Basement Floor)
Fragrant feuillantine cookies and chestnut cream wrapped inside rich, aromatic chestnut cream with European chestnut paste blended inside😋

Mont Blanc Cake: 627 yen each
📍Juchheim (Middle Basement Floor)

Now this is the typical shape of Japanese mont blanc cake♡ So pretty. Crispy meringue is hidden inside layers of chestnut cream😋 Doesn't use alcohol so even kids can enjoy!

Mont Blanc Cake: 843 yen each
📍Shiseido Parlour (Middle Basement Floor)
White chocolate chantilly cream with chestnuts wrapped inside chestnut cream with French chestnut paste😍
*Unavailable until OCT 31 (TUE) due to seasonal Halloween desserts.

Mont Blanc Tart (D12.4cm): 1,944 yen
📍Tops (Middle Basement Floor)

After pouring almond cream inside, the tart shell is baked and wrapped with layers of whipped cream with chopped candied chestnuts and chestnut cream😋
*6 cakes per day.

Mont Blanc Demi Size: 735 yen each
📍ANGELINA (Middle Basement Floor)

Having eaten once, thick rich taste is unforgettable. Enjoy it with a strong cup of black tea or coffee😊

Japanese Chestnut Mont Blanc Cake: 864 yen each
📍ANGELINA (Middle Basement Floor)

Semi-sweet mont blanc cake using Ehime Prefecture's chestnuts.

Mont Blanc Pudding<using Kumamoto Prefecture's Rihei Chestnuts>: 432 yen each
📍Morozoff (Middle Basement Floor)

Chestnut cream with Rihei Chestnut's sweetness and texture is piped out over Morozoff's popular custard pudding🍮
*Available until NOV 19 (SUN).

Mont Blanc Rolled Cake (length 16cm): 2,052 yen
📍ANTÉNOR (Middle Basement Floor)

Whipped cream with chestnut bits is wrapped inside sponge cake, and rich aromatic chestnut cream is piped out on top with chestnuts and pear🌰🍐
*9 rolls per day.

Mont Blanc Apple Pie: 601 yen each
📍GRANNY SMITH (Middle Basement Floor)

Plenty of chestnut cream combined with custard cream and apples with moderate sourness🍎
*Available until end of OCT.

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