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Here are melon desserts, snacks, drink, etc. available at "Hokkaido Foodist (北海道フーディスト)"♬ Hokkaido, an island located at the northernmost of Japan and shaped like a stringray, is famous for its seafood, ramen noodles, agriculture, and MELON. Hokkaido Foodist lets you enjoy Hokkaido food while in Tokyo. Today, we're sharing with juicy melon food. Which one would you like to try??

[HORI] Yubari Melon Pure Jelly Petit Gold: 540 yen
What's great about bite-size jelly is that you can take them with you for lunch and picnics. Enjoy melon not only at home but also outside!

Furano Melon Caramel: 184 yen
Cute package is nice for a souvenir too!

[SAKUMA] Yubari Melon Milk Candy: 324 yen
The outside is Yubari melon candy, and the inside is crispy milk candy.

Furano Jam Melon: 756 yen
Jam made with plenty of red flesh from Furano melon. It's moderately sweet, letting you enjoy the natural taste of the ingredient. Of course, spreading on bread is great, but I personally would like to enjoy this with ice cream🍨

Yubari Melon Juice: 270 yen
Tasty drink using freshly squeezed Yubari melon juice! Such a treat!

Yubari Meron Half Cut Chocolate: 378 yen
The top of the package says "Oh, it's Yubari melon!! (あ、夕張メロンだ!!)" As its name says, they're cute chocolates that look like Yubari melon cut into halves.

Yubari Melon Candy: 162 yen
Candies made of Yubari melon juice. Mellow flavor with rich aroma

Yubari Melon Caramel: 184 yen

Hokkaido Yubari Melon Soft Candy: 249 yen

[HORI] Yubari Melon Pure Jelly (4 pieces): 735 yen
You can enjoy melon regardless of the season. Fully ripe Yubari melon is used to bring out aroma, natural flavor, and texture of melon😋

📍Hokkaido Foodist (8F)

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