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So cute♥
Adorable Jinbei for babies and kids are currently available at MIKI HOUSE on the 7th Floor!
Japanese summer wear Jinbei consists of a short-sleeved top and a bottom, which makes so easy to get your kids dressed.

Also, look at the summery patterns! MIKI HOUSE bears are enjoying Japanese summer festival.

MIKI HOUSE Bear Jinbei: 14,300 yen
Cute MIKI HOUSE bears are beating the drums and enjoying Japanese summer festivals and fireworks.
*Size: 80-120cm, Made in Japan

The top is tied with strings. Easy to dress your kids.

MIKI HOUSE Bear Jinbei: 14,300 yen
*Size: 80-110cm, Made in Japan

Other patterns like stag beetles, dragonflies, goldfish, hydrangea just take us to the summer mood!

Patchwork Pattern Pucci Jinbei: 10,450 yen
*Size: 80-110cm, Made in Japan

Hydrangea Jinbei: 10,450 yen
*Size: 80-110cm, Made in Japan

Goldfish & Dragonfly Japanese Pattern Jinbei: 10,450 yen
*Size: 80-140cm, Made in Japan

Japanese Rush Sandals: 5,390 yen
*Size: 15-18cm, Colors: navy, pink, Made in Japan
Sandals that will add even more Japanese taste to your kid's outfit!

Great gifts for kids with summer birthdays♬

All are seasonal items and are available while supplies last. Don't miss out this Japanese summer look!

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