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Japanese fruits are definitely not-to-be-missed food in Japan!

"Ginza Sembikiya (銀座千疋屋)" is a famous, long-established fruit shop in Japan. That means, they know how to prepare fruits in a way that you can fully enjoy! "Pâtisserie Ginza Sembikiya" offers delicious desserts and using juicy, refreshing, flavorful fruits which are all perfect to take back to your hotel during your Tokyo stay!

Seasonal Fruit Tart (Melon): 1,159 yen per piece
A tart which lets you fully enjoy muskmelon carefully selected by Ginza Sembikiya😋 The juiciness of the fruits and crispy tart crust make a perfect combination😋👍
*Seasonal Tart (Mango) 1,080 yen is also available.

Premium Melon-pan: 432 yen each
Japanese sweet bread Melon-pan filled with cream using Shizuoka Prefecture's musk melon juice✨✨ Plenty of melon cream and custard cream is filled inside, bringing out the natural sweetness and scent of melon, a taste distinct of a fruit specialty shop😋

Ginza Pudding à la Mode: 1,080 yen per cup
Pudding à la mode is a luxurious dessert with custard pudding topped with plenty of fruits🍓🍊🍈 Ginza Sembikiya's traditional pudding is one-of-a-kind with firm yet silky smooth texture.

Mango Parfait: 1,161 yen per cup
A parfait using thick mango with rich, mellow sweetness✨✨ Inside is layered with plenty of mango puree, strawberry pulp and crispy enjoyable chocolate feuillantine😋🎵

📍Pâtisserie Ginza Sembikiya (Middle Basement Floor)

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