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May 5th is "Children's Day" in Japan🎏 It's a tradition to eat "Kashiwamochi" (かしわ餅)" to wish for a child's healthy growth. As its name says, kashiwamochi is a rice cake filled with sweet bean paste, and wrapped inside a kashiwa (oak) leaf. Because oak trees don't shed their old leaves until new leaves grow, oak leaves symbolize family prosperity in Japan. The new leaves represent children and the old leaves represent their parents🍃

Today's kashiwamochi is from Japanese confectionery shop "Sentaro." Their kashiwamochi has 3 different flavors: smooth red bean paste, mashed red bean paste in yomogi (Japanese mugwort) mochi, and miso paste.

Smooth Red Bean Paste: 216 yen
*Available until MAY 24 (TUE).
Simple with chewy mochi and plenty of bean paste.

Yomogi w/Mashed Red Bean Paste: 216 yen each
*Available until MAY 24 (TUE).
Clean, refreshing flavor. The earthy taste of yomogi and coarse bean paste matches so well!

Miso Paste: 216 yen each
*Available until MAY 11 (WED).
Filled with sweet-salty flavored miso paste. Japanese love this type of flavor described as "amajoppai (甘じょっぱい)."

By the way, we don't eat the leaves😊

📍Sentaro (Middle Basement Floor, Confectionery Corner)

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