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Kanto Tokyo
Keio Shinjuku Department Store
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During this time of the year, signature products of confectionery shops in Japan turn into New Year packages!

Some are in cute rabbit packages since next year is the Year of the Rabbit, and some are in beautiful packages with Japanese camellia, which is known as New Year's flower in Japan.

If you happen to be in Japan, how about taking back home New Year greeting sweets for family and friends?

All available at Keio Department Store's Confectionery Corner on Middle Basement Floor🐰🐰

Zodiac Sasaragata (5 pieces per box): 1,404 yen
Ryoguchiya Korekiyo's representative Japanese confectionery "Sasaragata (ささらがた) is currently available in cute zodiac package! Includes 5 different flavors: "Rabbit" representing white rabbit, Dainagon sweet beans, matcha, brown sugar, and white sweet beans.
📍Ryoguchiya Korekiyo (Middle Basement Floor)

New Year Assortment<Rabbit>: 2,592 yen
*Amo×1 bar, Karuta Monaka (2 pieces per pair)×8 pairs
*30 boxes only.
Enjoy the rich, smooth flavor of "Amo (あも/smooth sweet bean bar with mochi inside) with monaka designed like rabbit karuta (Japanese playing cards)🐰♥
📍Kano Shojuan (Middle Basement Floor)

Japanese Sweets in Wishing Plaque Package: 1,404 yen
*Jelly×3 pieces, Rabbit-shaped manjyu×4 pieces
Japanese confectionery in rabbit motifs are packed inside Ema (絵馬/Japanese wooden wishing plaque) package🐰♥
📍Minamoto Kitchoan (Middle Basement Floor)

Mini Yokan Zodiac Package (50g each): 292 yen each
Toraya's mini yokan (sweet bean jelly) available in limited rabbit package, hoping that the coming year will be bright and exciting🐰♥
📍Toraya (Middle Basement Floor)

Yukari Zodiac Box<Rabbit>(8 pieces×2 packages): 1,383 yen
BANKAKU's signature shrimp crackers "Yukari (ゆかり)" packed in year-end/New Year's Chinese zodiac package! If you always take Yukari back home as a souvenir, how about taking back a seasonal limit this time?
📍BANKAKU (Middle Basement Floor)

New Year BOX (21 pieces): 1,620 yen
RUYSDAEL's classic baked sweets inside limited zodiac package🐰♥
📍RUYSDAEL (Middle Basement Floor)

New Year's Fancy Chocolates (24 pieces): 1,188 yen
*100 boxes only.
A box of chocolate inside rabbit package🐰♥
📍Mary's (Middle Basement Floor)

New Year Assort (22 pieces): 1,080 yen
ROKUMEIKAN's signature fruits jelly "Megumi no Shizuku (恵のしずく)" in New Year's package🐰♥
📍ROKUMEIKAN (Middle Basement Floor)

New Year's Sweet (26 pieces): 2,160 yen
Baked sweets and chocolates made from carefully selected ingredients are packed inside a gorgeous camellia design box! It's a design unique to Japan.
📍Shiseido Parlour (Middle Basement Floor)

New Year Gateau BOX<S>(7 pieces): 1,620 yen
An assortment of raisin sandwich cookies, financier, chocolate, etc.
📍ANTÉNOR (Middle Basement Floor)

*Available while supplies last.

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