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By the 18th century, Edo was the center of political power of the Shogunate, and the culture and economy of the modern-day Tokyo metropolis was flourishing.

Consequently, a great deal of produce found its way into the city, especially from western Japan. Many dyeing artisans accompanied their feudal lords and settled in Edo, bringing their own skills and techniques. Urban culture continued to develop as town folk from outside Edo developed more viable economic means. A chic yet restrained sense of taste became the norm as dyeing artisans established a new style of freehand dyeing.

The populous of the Edo metropolis had always been more inclined toward refined fashion. Founded on such stylistic standards, the coloring of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen is restrained yet also characterized by a lightness and delicacy.

TOKYO Tegaki Yuzen (Dyeing) (details page)

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