Akita [Lacquer Ware] KAWATSURA Shikki (Lacquerware)

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Tohoku Akita
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The beginnings of Kawatsura lacquerware date back to the Kamakura era (1185-1333), when the younger brother of the lord who ruled this area ordered the retainers to begin lacquering pieces of armor and weaponry, using locally tapped lacquer and Japanese beech cut from nearby mountains. The production of bowls began in earnest in the middle of the Edo era (1600-1868). By the end of the Edo era, work was concentrated in what is now Inakawa-cho, Odate and Minashi, and production had expanded to include all manner of household items.

All Kawatsura lacquerware consists of wood and natural lacquer. And while no single feature is characteristic of the style, great emphasis is placed on the undercoating, which creates a hard finish that is extremely robust and also reasonably priced. The wide range of products include bowls, plates, trays and stacking boxes as well as furniture.

KAWATSURA Shikki (Lacquerware) (details page)

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